Confusion with Ideeli purchase

Confusion with Ideeli purchase

I’m planning a trip to Hawai’i in late April with my fiancĂ© and, even though it’s a bit early, I ordered a swimsuit and a pair of sandals from Ideeli and received them today. The swimsuit looks great, even though I haven’t felt all that great about my body lately. I modeled it for my […]

I Wrote the Book on Single, Bitch!

I had many years of crappy relationships and sheer loneliness before meeting my fiancĂ©. I had never celebrated Valentine’s Day and I think I had one birthday with a boyfriend. The guys I dated were mostly complete tools and it took me a lot of time to figure out what it was I wanted before […]

the perspective of living small

I’ve changed the tagline for the blog. Let’s face it. This publication is no longer just about beauty and makeup anymore, is it? Did I just call my blog a “publication”? Hello, Miss Uppity! It has been over two months since we’ve moved to our new apartment. It’s strange but I feel like it’s been […]

Minor update

This past month has been riddled with little slices of hell, much of which was related to our housing situation. To summarize, what was supposed to be a six-month deal was cut short. This past several weeks, we were suddenly faced with a deadline to move out before April 1st. The boyfriend was out of […]