Happy 28th Mensiversary, my pretty boy

January 17th was our 28th mensiversary. Twenty-eight months! Who would have thought I’d still be happily snuggled into a relationship with the same wonderful man after twenty-eight months! I guess it’s not as “significant” as an anniversary or even a semi-anniversary. However, I am delighted that the boyfriend wishes to make each month count. He […]


ineffable • \in-EFF-uh-bul\ • adjective 1 *a : incapable of being expressed in words : indescribable b : unspeakable 2 : not to be uttered : taboo Example Sentence: Ed felt an ineffable joy at the sight of his son walking toward him from the plane. Did you know? “Every tone was a testimony against […]

Word of the Day

It’s not Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day. They chose the word “blithesome” and I don’t care for that word as much. Great, so I’ve pretty much revealed that I actually have an interest in words, thereby hanging myself up as a punching bag for passing jocks. I chose “pristine” as today’s WOTD because SO MANY […]

Words of Today

Today’s fortune cookie reads: Mend your heart before your momentary escape. The Word of the Day for November 17, 2008 is: prehension • \pree-HEN-shun\  • noun *1 : the act of taking hold, seizing, or grasping 2 : mental understanding : comprehension 3 : apprehension by the senses Example Sentence: The new surgery claims to offer an increase in hand prehension and successful […]

I’m a monkey

The Word of the Day for November 05, 2007 is: manqué • mahng-KAY (the “ng” is not pronounced, but the preceding vowel is nasalized) • adjective : short of or frustrated in the fulfillment of one’s aspirations or talents — used postpositively Example Sentence: Clarke has a remarkable gift for drawing, but unless he applies […]