So, what are you?

Since my last blog post was surprisingly well-received, it’s like you guys are basically asking me to just ramble in half-conscious stupor. Is this what you want from me?! IS IT?! So, let’s talk about what you do when someone comes up to you and you’ve been hanging out with this person with a mutual […]

November 17th

Thursday night is usually when I have a meeting with an overseas client. So, when the boyfriend insisted we go out to dinner and celebrate our 62nd monthiversary at Bamboo Sushi, I wasn’t crazy about the idea. I didn’t even like monthiversaries anymore. Counting upwards the months I’ve been someone’s girlfriend got old for me, […]

the perspective of living small

I’ve changed the tagline for the blog. Let’s face it. This publication is no longer just about beauty and makeup anymore, is it? Did I just call my blog a “publication”? Hello, Miss Uppity! It has been over two months since we’ve moved to our new apartment. It’s strange but I feel like it’s been […]

the Couch-to-5k tarp

I totally got tricked into a Couch-to-5k. How does this even happen? me: I am going running every morning! him: I’ll go with you! me: it’s going to be short. like 20 mins and barely a mile him: ok. *we do this for a couple of days *boyfriend starts cueing me on when to run […]