Media Critic

The Dried Fish Look Is Apparently In

I love sifting through Japanese Fashion Magazine scans. I download the hell out of the Livejournal community. One thing that really bugs me, though, is the way they seem to advertise weigh loss solutions. A lot of times, the models employed for “before” and “after” shots start out already being pretty skinny. Their “after” photos […]

Fighting wrong messages with more wrong messages.

I came across this article as I was browsing reddit. Basically, it’s criticizing Victoria’s Secret for making real women feel bad about themselves by using models with unrealistic body types. Sure, it’s true that most women don’t have the bodies that those models have and that it usually takes a LOT of dedication, control and […]

Add a meal to your already gluttonous fatty diet, America

The boyfriend and I were fueling up at a Taco Bell between shopping today, and I couldn’t help but notice what new promotional genius these guys had cooked up. Turns out, I’m one of the last to notice this and I’m waaaay behind. Not that I’m surprised. I can’t stand television, especially in small town […]

keeping the ‘fat ppl’ off the media??? I don’t believe for a minute that the media has much influence in making people think it’s okay to be overweight.What I SHOULD have said is, “I don’t believe that showing overweight people on television is much impact on the condoning of obesity.” – [edit May 31] If anything, as far as media influences […]