The Dried Fish Look Is Apparently In

I love sifting through Japanese Fashion Magazine scans. I download the hell out of the Livejournal community. One thing that really bugs me, though, is the way they seem to advertise weigh loss solutions. A lot of times, the models employed for “before” and “after” shots start out already being pretty skinny. Their “after” photos […]

you’re labeling it wrong

Dear morons who classify certain types of clothes as “ethnic” Will you pleases cut that shit out? Do you even know what “ethnic” means? What? Is the socially constructed white race so celestially above and beyond having some sort of ethnic origin that anything that seems foreign to you can be perceived as “ethnic”? Adding […]

Defeated but not unheard

Here’s the gist of it. I called AT&TSCAM and complained about my bill. (Context of billing issues here) They put credit on my account for it. I told them I didn’t want a credit. I wanted my auto-payment reversed back into my bank account b/c I was in danger of being subjected to an overdraft […]

Go F**k Yourselves AT&TSCAM

Explicit Language Used (I know, I know, I vowed I’d stop swearing but I YAM SO MADDDDD!!!!)