Being a Woman

Fighting wrong messages with more wrong messages.

I came across this article as I was browsing reddit. Basically, it’s criticizing Victoria’s Secret for making real women feel bad about themselves by using models with unrealistic body types. Sure, it’s true that most women don’t have the bodies that those models have and that it usually takes a LOT of dedication, control and […]

first visit to Planned Parenthood

Oh, yea, I paid my first visit to Planned Parenthood yesterday. I had been getting my annuals from school through FPEP. Dear Fellow Oregonians: If you girls aren’t in the FPEP program and you don’t have insurance, this is definitely worth looking into b/c this is what covers all your costs at your campus clinic […]

Broken This video was produced, shot and edited by the Eagle group children at It’s not a rare occurrence. But, it’s not normal. A 12 month report by the South African police, prior to March 2005, shows more than 22,000 cases of child rape. The NOWCA states that 25% of girls under 16 have […]