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I was getting pretty frustrated with the lack of good makeup techniques for Asians with monolids. Basically, the only so-called solutions out there were to wear super-thick eyeliner or get eyelid surgery. So, I decided to experiment on my own and document my explorations here.

Makeup application is still a learning process for me, in spite of the years I’ve taken in researching the right formulas that work for my skin type and what methods work best for me. I’m certainly not a certified makeup artist, nor do I sell makeup or develop it for a living. The only “merit” I have to my name is the time, experience and effort I have spent in finding what works for me and reporting my findings back to you.

So, if this blog entry helps you to streamline your search for the right makeup and tools for you, then I would consider it successful. However, I would advise that you keep in mind that these findings are generally based on the experiences of one person, on my particular skin type. What works for me won’t work for everybody else because there is such an endless variety of skin types and skin tones.

I speak to you, not as an expert to a consumer, but as a fellow consumer.

However, my hopes for GoldfishCake involve more than just makeup and looking pretty. It is about developing a sense of self-love and self-worth that I’ve only just begun to reclaim. Many of my readers have been there with me through my journey and I will never be able to express enough thanks.

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