2 responses to “Influenster Spring VoxBox: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review”

  1. Carol

    I’ve heard mixed things about these nail strips too. RB was telling me that the process smelled bad when she was sticking the nail strip to her nail. I don’t know if it’s chemicals or something, but she definitely said it was time-consuming to put on.

    I kind of agree with you on the patterns. When I’ve seen them at Target or drugstores, I can’t find one I like. I’d much rather just use nail polish and add something to do it whether it’s with a nail art pen, decals (really rare for me), or adding a layer of glitter. I really think the Sally Hansen glitter pattern looks great though.

  2. mayaari

    oooh glitter! I’ve heard mixed reviews about these nail strips, and probably won’t buy them only because I have a bunch of polishes and konad stamps to entertain me for a long time. definitely like the note that you don’t have to wait for anything to dry though! so annoying when you’re waiting for your mani to set and you need to pee >.<

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