15 responses to “Boost your mascara power with Essence Volumizing Lash Powder”

  1. susan

    whoa awesome. can i request you take pictures of the process? what kind of brush do you use to apply the lash powder?

    btw, you look so lush in that last pic!

  2. Carol

    Yes, I agree with Susan and love that last picture you took. I love how long your lashes look in that last picture.

    I have the same questions about what kind of brush is used for the lash powder. I need to figure out where I can buy some of this stuff since, as you know, I also have short lashes. Now I wonder if I can apply that lash powder after lash primer instead of using mascara as a stick layer for the powder to stick. And jeez $2.99!! That sounds much better than even splurging on Dior’s mascara (which I was about to do last week in Sephora).

    I must find this lash powder! I want to see if it’ll work for me.

  3. rasilla

    That is so FLIPPING COOL XD
    Must try and figure out a way to get hands on this. Must go browse now lol

  4. mayaari

    ooooh i need to search for this powder! I’m curious if mascara primer will work to hold the lash fibers in place before applying mascara, since it’s already white/grey. I ♥ MajoMajo mascara as well, and have dealt with the clumping factor that sometimes happens. I use a mascara/eyelash comb before the mascara has totally dried to work through the clumps, super cheap and it works well if you need to apply more than one coat of mascara.

  5. klaudea

    holy hell you have read my mind. Now i need to hunt this stuff down pronto. I hope it exits in boring Canada.

  6. Ke

    SO COOL! Too Faced sent me their Better Than False Lashes mascara to review and to be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan. I’ve just used it a few times, reviewed it, and now it’s sitting in the back of my makeup storage unit. I do LOVE MM’s mascara though (even if it’s a pain to take off). I’m excited to try this out! How did you apply the fibers? Did you just dip your brush in the fibers?

  7. Carmen

    Have you tried using rapidlash lash serum? It worked for me!

  8. wuzzyangel

    Totally ignoring the whole point of this post and only focusing on the very last pic of smexiness…….

  9. mimsy

    I think you look pretty without the make-up. I know that this is not the point of the post, but I’d like to point out that you are pretty even without the make up! You have very pretty eyes and are not a lurking creature. Rock on girl!!!


    hi there,
    your review for the volumizing eyelash powder are great!!!
    can you tell me where i can buy the powder in the United States??
    Search all over web , not able to find it.
    many thanks

  11. Zoe

    Where did you get this from …..

  12. Nanne

    You are so cute! And those fibers really do help, but still I’m not going to buy them, because they will all end up in my eyes haha I’m a bit clumsy :$

    Really nice review though :)

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