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  1. Sagu

    Liquid foundations don’t work very well for me either. My skin type is quite similar to yours, dry skin with oily/normal t-zone, and it’s really helpful to read your opinions of different face products.

    Love you blog, by the way. Even if it was Gold Fishcake.

  2. Jamilla Camel

    I got the Illamasqua Cream foundation, and I didn’t like it either. I found it very hard to blend…I have dry skin.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. Jessica Allison

    Your experience with the Illamasqua RLF actually seems pretty accurate- at least parallel to mine. I am a professional makeup artist, even w/ my experience it took a lot of experimenting to get this foundation to work. Now that I have though, I may actually be repurchasing it- you just can’t beat the coverage.

    As you noticed, you basically have to mix this with a more fluid product to make it day-time appropriate. Since the shade I have (also 135) is too dark on me, I use a silicone based white liquid makeup (-0 from Face Atelier.) Not everything blends well with the Illamasqua RLF, some things actually make it separate or oxidize it, turning it orange.

    I tried the same brushes as you, I found the best tool for the job is a short, dense flat or round top brush (though sponges worked too) Right now I’m using Sonia Kashuk’s synthetic flat blush brush, but I plan to pick up the Shu Uemura 18 when I get a chance. I also find it helps to “double buff”- after I blend and buff it in with the Kashuk brush, I go back over it with a large, full powder brush. I did find that using Illamasqua’s Satin primer went a long way toward preventing the caking on my drier areas. I’ve applied the primer directly to my skin, and I’ve also mixed it into the foundation; both work. This also helps keep the RLF from settling into fine lines. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but honestly, I feel like it’s worth it because it looks so nice once you get it right.

    Also, you might be interested to know, Illamasqua is currently working on re-tooling the shades in their foundation line to make them more realistic for every day wear (the line was developed for stage, so the undertones are very dramatic.)

    Sorry for the long comment, I just thought you & your readers may find it interesting!

  4. rasilla

    ^Oh and I did find it interesting XD

    So a few weeks back, I got into a silly argument with my friend about MUFE HD foundation. I was saying that it was giving me pretty decent oil control and that I liked that it didn’t cake on me etc etc.

    She was saying that it sucked butt and really emphasized all the ‘flaws’ on the face.
    In the end, we realized we were getting such different results because of our application method. Her just smearing it on her face, while I used my MAC187.

    Application is everything and its good to hear that you explored them all~ I’m thinking I should venture into the sponge method eventually. It might make my life easier, just that I feel like it ‘wastes’ more product, and I’m a frugal foundation user! lol

    Thanks for your review, we have to order from their website if we want Illamasqua in Canada, cause Sephora does not ship them to Canada, but at least it doesn’t make me want to make a spontaneous purchase from their website :)

  5. May

    Aww, bummer that it didn’t work out for you, because I loved the shit out that foundation! I still wear it at least 3x a week just as a concealer under my eyes, though, now that it’s the dead of winter, it does look a tad bit orangey on me. NO MATTER, I WILL SAVE IT FOR THE SUMMER. I’m glad to hear from Jessica Allison that they might be tweaking the colors to make them a bit more accessible – even though I find this to be the tiniest bit orange when caked on, it seems to blend perfectly otherwise. I don’t know any other foundation that blends well into my forehead (which is a bit darker than the rest of my face) without making it look ashy.

    I am pretty weird with foundation though, I mean, I know plenty of people who loved MAC Studio Fix Fluid, which I used for a while, but I wasn’t such a huge fan of it. I also found this to be pretty similar to Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet +, but easier to blend. I don’t know why/how you found this hard to blend… my preferred method: dapple onto face with fingers, blend with MAC 187 or 188, depending on where you’re blending. Under the eyes, I prefer the 188. Any bigger areas get either the MAC 187 or the StudioTools knockoff. Did you use it on top of moisturizer?

  6. wuzzyangel

    long winded? Eh.. let’s go with detailed & opinionated! ;) Seriously though thanks for the great review! I’m glad you gave yourself time to work with the product before sharing your thoughts.

    LOL GOLD (KAMABOKO)!!! That’s what I’m thinking of now! Hahah!!


  7. Olive

    Nice review, thanks for all the details :) Finding a good liquid foundation is soooo hard! Have you tried any of Clinique’s foundations? I find them to be pretty good and that’s after trying a crap load of foundations over the years. I have super weird skin with all sorts of eneven colors and dry patches yuck…But I have to say that your skin looks really great though!

  8. Dao

    Oh man, I’m so sad this foundation does not work for you. May loves it so much, though. You can still use it as a concealer, considering how thick it is. Btw, I need an under eye concealer, the cold gave me some extra darkness on my dark circles T_T

    Yes, this foundation looks really photogenic but again, I am not so much into liquid foundation anymore while winter makes it hard to wear mineral foundations. My skin also becomes drier in winter T__T

  9. Carol

    So…I know I’m not much of a makeup person, but after reading about May’s raves about it, I was hoping Illamasqua would work for you too. I’m actually planning on buying some concealer to cover any zits I get – even though it’s not too often since I have dry skin. I don’t know if it’d be wrong to try and get this foundation to use as a concealer. Illamasqua looks awfully good in the pictures I’ve seen you all take.

  10. esswhykay

    Speaking of which, have you tried those pre-packaged 붕어빵? You can pop ‘em in your toaster like a Pop Tart and they come out nice and crispy on the outside and steamy hot in the middle. Good stuff.

  11. StrayMinK

    I’ve thought about getting BB cream but there are so many brands out there. I also already have a lot of liquid foundation…most of which are too pale for me now. -_-; And yes, I will now read your name is Gold Fishcake and it’s gonna bother me for a long time.

  12. tiffany

    I purchased the foundation in 140, cause I’m pretty pale, and it said for light to medium.
    It looked like I was a super pale, jaundiced freak.
    So yellow =[
    I returned it, and ordered 210, the medium shade with neutral undertones. Hopefully it turns out better.

    I also tried mixing the 140 foundation with CoverFx primer and it turned completely orange. Oompa Loompa type orange. I really liked the cover and how it didn’t make me feel greasy like Dior does, and how MUFE does after a while.

  13. Jaynie

    The first paragraph about uhmook cracked me up, big time. I lost track of your blog for a while, but I’m so glad I’m catching up!

  14. emo

    that color is too orange. u should have gottena lighter shade.

  15. Penny

    I have three questions. 1) Were you using Primer, if so what kind? 2) Did you set this foundation? 3) Was this easy to remove?

    Okay so, I’ve been stalking this foundation for a while now, I’m not sure I’m ready to commit…. Especially if it turns out that it will be a gold digger and be a waste of money and time! The reason I want to try this is because I’m SUPER fair with neutral undertones, and this is the only company I’ve found that seems to have a shade that might fit me, and is full coverage. But, I am fair, and pale skin an sensitivity go hand in hand! I break out very easily, I have a lot of redness, and I have large pores around my nose. Illamasqua just got a paypal option, which is one reason I wasn’t going to buy, but now my excuses are dwindling, and I’m getting pretty desperate for an AMAZING foundation… But I’m worried about the price if its not going to be absolutely perfect, and this was the very first review I’ve read so far! Lolz


  16. Penny

    Thanks so much!!! They make Primers without silicone?????!!!! Well aren’t I the clueless one! ;P I will have to check out Mufe! Good luck with everything, and thanks again!

  17. Penny

    So I checked out Sephora, and Mufe HD does have silicone in the form of Dimethicone and other dimethicone/silicone polymers. I don’t have a problem with that, but I thought you might like to know if you have problems with those ingredients. *Honestly I didn’t know what MUFE was until I looked it up!*

  18. Ali

    Thank you for the review. Do you know how the colour compares to the NARS sheer glow foundations?

  19. 115sadness

    ”you’ll crawl into a corner to cry because you look like someone threw used tempura batter on your face. ”
    I bought 115 in rich liquid yesterday, and i look WORSE with it on, it’s the worst foundation in terms of blendability and it does stick to ANY dry bits, plus the staying power is awful, i touched my nose and POOF it was gone off that patch.
    I’m very pale and i mix white with my foundations, however with this due to the shine in it i looked like data from star trek.

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