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  1. sooji

    oh stupid white tshirt. why can’t you just take it off?? oops.. was that too forward?

    i’ve never thought to just like the top outer end… this is a very interesting method that i must try soon.

    has anyone told you your lips look very…. suckable? OMG THIS SOUNDS LIKE pr0n. but true, they’re so pouty and.. yay for zacky!

    i learned something new today….

    *mumbles english muffins…. *mumbles*

  2. Dao

    Ah, you’re just being too sensitive about your eyes. I think they look pretty, even without eye makeup. Anywaiz, I learned the same eye lining technique for the upper lashes from that book “How not to look old”. The lower lash one is new to me. I’m glad you bring this up as a lot of people think that they need to line their lashes very dark to be visible or something.

  3. kuri

    great tutorial, thanks! clear, easy to follow, and funny!

    You know, you’re really cute with or without makeup.

  4. May

    I do a similar thing, except I fill in a little triangle at the tail end of the the wing instead of just a line. I tend to look silly with just a little line poking out, and the way my eyelid folds, it ends up looking like a regular wing anyway.

  5. ann

    I love your monolids. It’s very unique, and makes one stand out from the crowd. I think it’s hot. The American supermodels like Hye Park have monolids, and she is so gorgeous!!! (: monolid sisters unite!! =P

  6. Meg

    “I don’t have to be proud of my monolids, but I sure as hell don’t need to hate them either. ”

    You said it lady!! More then half of the monolid-ed girls I knew from highschool have gotten surgery after graduating/going to college. Sad sight.

  7. Jessica

    No cleavage shots? Damn! I was looking forward to them. ;)

    Anyway, I don’t like the thick eyeliner method either… I think it looks weird on me. I’ve gotta try this method though!

  8. Jess

    Yeah true, thick eyeliner is not a MUST, just because we are monolid-ed, hehe…
    The ways you line your eyes is super flattering for your eyeshape! ;)

  9. Mary

    I also do my winged eye-liner the way May described above (with the triangle filled in) but I have a double eye lid. It might be a bit overwhelming for monolids; you did yours nicely!
    Your complexion looks so nice right now! Do you think it’s due to the blueberry smoothies or have you changed your skin care regimen at all?

  10. Mary

    Also, I found the Sigur Ros video I was asking you about before (it’s Untitled #1).

  11. Jen

    how come circe looks peachy on you? it just looks beige on me. D:

  12. wuzzyangel

    NO matter how I try to line my eyes it’s a FAIL!! Cuz my damn hooded lids are shit!!

    You on the other had very pretty eyes!! ;) Seriously!! Great lining tut! I will have to try & see if it works for me. Talk shit like you know shit! LOL! And hey I’m a werewolf right there with ya! I should get my brows done this week but I’m lazy. Maybe I’ll do it myself again.. hrmm.. but when I tried that 3 wks ago, I gave me a bit of a bald spot… oh well..

    Aww shucks no CLEAVAGE SHOTS?! LOL!! next time!! And I love your face!! I don’t care if the pose is the same everytime!! That’s how my pics are too! LOL!

  13. Olive

    I love the way you line your eyes, it makes them really pop I on the other hand am terrible with eyeliner, it always looks like someone took permanent marker and drew a big fat line across my eyelids. I have random creases on my eyes that make it difficult for me to wear eyeliner, it always seems to disappear towards the inner part of my eyelids! Ugh I hate it…

    Btw I think you have beautiful eyes and I also think Asian beauty standards are fucked up!

  14. Olive

    Omg talk about run on sentences! Lol that’s what happens when you write comments on your phone!

  15. Jamilla Camel

    You are a monolid rembrandt!! FANTASTIC!

  16. blu3

    I like your way of lining, its very subtle but still defines your eyes. I actually have that dilemma because one of my friends has monolids like that, and I didn’t know what to do in terms of liner when I was giving her a makeover. Now I know :D

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  18. mayaari

    nice tutorial! my lids like to switch from being monolids to sort of folding to one lid folding and the other sitting there all crazy-like (wth? i give up on eye makeup those days). this reminds me that I need to get a white eyeliner again…I ended up using my old one to mark a pair of pants that I had to cut & hem cause I ran out of that chalk…lol

  19. stephanie

    Awesome tutorial, thanks! I’ve always admired the winged-eyeliner look, but lining my entire eye just made my already puffy eyelids look even puffier.

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  21. ann

    I love your monolids. It's very unique, and makes one stand out from the crowd. I think it's hot. The American supermodels like Hye Park have monolids, and she is so gorgeous!!! (: monolid sisters unite!! =P

  22. jackie

    love this! what i do is i use a eyeliner brush (the angled ones) and i apply a smokey gray/black shadow in a thick line close to my lashline. the thickness should show up when you open your eyes. then i just line close to my lashline with a black liner (that actually shows up! lol) on the top, and line the outer third of my lower lashline with black. then i do what you do with the sparkly white and stuff. it really makes a difference!

  23. Victoria

    Hi would like to know how i can make my eyes look rounder with eyeliner? Thanks

  24. Addie

    You genius, you. This is awesome.

  25. Anime

    thx for the info…. n i hav hav monolids… sometimes my frens wud be lik do u have eyelashes cuz of ma monolids….. i doe particularly love or hate them…. but i certainly don’t want to change them… that’s how i was born with n i rather not change cuz the ppl say its unattractive or w/e

  26. Mel

    hi. Great blog. stumbled upon it haha . I do like your natural monolid and natural make up.

    I have to ask..would you recommend monolids to get upper eyeliner cosmetic tattoo ..just thin natural one?

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