39 responses to “Uncooked Rice Saves Phone from Water Damage”

  1. wuzzyangel

    Haha!!! DAMN!!! But see RICE is good for everything! LOL!!

    Wow… I’m glad it worked though! I hate being without my phone!! It’s like I’m missing a hand or something. But how sweet of the BF to wade in pond water to look for it!! AWWWWWWWWWWW…. What a keeper!!

  2. blu3

    wow I didn’t know uncooked rice could act as a dessicant. Good to know! I’m glad your phone was fine!

  3. ann

    wow..that is so interesting. So your phone works now? And is completely dry??? Amazing…

  4. May


    I should’ve done that withy my old Sony K750i!

  5. Nic nic

    wow how interesting!! glad to hear you could save your phone :D

  6. H.S

    oww mann! does this still work if you’v tried to turn the phone on? and plugged it in ?

  7. Jane Doe

    hi, how long do i have to keep the phone in the rice for?

  8. Jane Doe

    nvm lol

  9. Nik

    Hi All,

    I was trying to clean my trackerball and used the good old cotton bud and the slightest amount of water.

    I’ve turned the phone on nearly 30 minutes later and the buttons were not working properly at the top – it was basically typing in the wrong keys. I’ve then taken the battery out and realised it could be some type of water damage (I can’t see how…)

    I’ve now placed it in uncooked rice and won’t touch it for a few days…?

    But… Is there a chance the circuits could be fried with such a minimal amount of water if any


  10. Abbie

    Will it still work fine if I didn’t flush out the dirty water with clean water? I just put it straight into the rice…

  11. Manu

    How long did you keep it in rice for?

  12. Kieranx

    Mine was in the washer but was only in for 5 mins i left it to dry for an hour but the screen is just white, will the rice work for me?

  13. Winty

    Hey! Dropped phone down the toilet (Gutted). Dried it for a few hours, battery & sim out.
    It works, receives calls, txt, bbm, emails. But alas screen not working. I have put in rice & will wait for a while. What do you think?
    Many thanx

  14. Sam

    Hi! My phone accidentally fell out of my pocket into the toilet. I took it out and someone told me that when I got home that i should put it in a bag of rice. So I did and the next morning I tried it, and it still wouldn’t work. So I put it back in the rice and kept it in there all day/night. Then this morning my husband took it out and put the battery in and it turned on just fine. Then i tried to turn my camera on and the screen went completely black, and wouldn’t turn back on or anything. And when i plugged it into my charger it wasn’t showing the little light on the front that usually shows when its charging. So I put it back in the rice and am hoping that I didn’t fry my phone :( Should I try to put it in white rice? Right now its been in old brown rice that i’ve had for a long time…and I wasn’t sure if it should be in a certain rice or not. Please help?!

  15. Gareth

    Hello, i was in the bath and i had my phone on top of the shelf then when i came out the shower it was only a little bit wet. after 1hour some of my keys stopped working. the blackberry is working perfectly fine and the screen is okay. i took out the battery and sim and put it in a jug of rice. do you think this will work? i really love my blackberry and the longest i can wait for is 24hours :(

  16. kyle

    hi my name is kyle I was in the bath and my 1 day old blackbreey cerve feel in. only 4 about 1 seconde put the sceen went all black and i put rice in and dint turn on

  17. jamie flinn

    Yesterday night my mom told me to grab a case of soda that had been by my feet and so I grab it put it in my lap and started to get out the van and sence Im only like 4’11 I had to kind of jump out and all of a sudden the case of soda just slid out my lap and hit the ground all the can sodas exploded and my phone just so happen to be in the box so I dive to the ground sticking my hand in the box I grab my phone and it was filled soda so I ran in the house and grabbed a pot filled it with rice and put my phone the battery and the sim chip in the rice and let it sit Ford about an hour and it works but not like it use to and that my story

  18. Amy

    Hi , I dropped my phone in the toilet by accident and I immediately retrieved it out and took out all the parts to dry it with a tissue , and then I tried turning it on. But it wouldn’t work , now , if i try to put it in the rice , will it work?

  19. lee

    I just wanted to leave a comment for everyone that tried turning their phones on shortly after their mishap. Water is a super conductor and any time you put even the slightest bit of current through it, it’ll almost also short out any electronics. Especially the tiny ones in a phone. Theres a trick to getting a brand new phone for free(well not entirely free but alot cheaper!) . Alot of newer phones dont have the water damage indicator on them anymore. Instead they put them on the battery. So just go online and get a battery cheap and take your phone in(if you have insurance on it) and simply tell them it stopped working. Theyll ask if you dropped it in water and youll say no so theyll still check the battery and since you bought a new non-water damaged battery theyll assume its a defect in the phone andd have to give you another one for free. Yeah some of you may look at it as moraly wrong but just think about how these big companys screw us left and right. Just consider it karma! Just make sure the water indicator is only on the battery before you try this or else it wont work! And no using bleach or white out on the indicator WILL NOT WORK. I used the new battery trick and it worked! Just consider it getting your moneys worth after giving them six plus bucks a month for countless months and getting nothing in return! Come to think of it thats how the insurance should work. The money that you put towards insurance should accumulate over time and you should be able to put that towards a replacement! I how the things ive said helped somebody out there.

  20. Melissa

    Will this work for my blackberry curve? I dropped it in a puddle.

  21. mymori

    Hey. i’m 11 so please dont think “well that one is stupid”. I was a genius and went to the pool in my bikini and water shorts. the shorts have pockets. and i had my phone in my back pocket and i went in waist-deep. i immmideatly realised it was there still and i got out asap. i took the battery out and left it there and swam for about 2 hours. when i got home i put it in uncooked rice and it sat overnight( Battery was out but i forgot sim card in the phone). the next morning, here i am, reading this and feeling like an idiot. i took the sim card out and im going to let it sit for 2 days more just to be sure. Thanks for your help :) im pretty sure it will work. i have insureance(sp?) so i should end up with a working one either way. Thank youuuuu :) <3

  22. Laura

    someone help me, i was stuiped enough to leave my phone on the edge of the bath, then it dropped in, as soon as it dropped in, i was straight there, and yanked it out, along with throwing the battery half across the floor, i dryed it with my dressing gown, and 5-10minutes after that i had put it in a bag of rice, (the impulse bag/girls body spray) i had left it over night, and it was low battery when it went in, can anyone help me?! its not working still! and i need this phone really bad!

  23. Mardi

    I dropped by phone in a bowl of water and i grabbed it after 5 seconds. I tried drying it with cloth and let the phone sit for 30 min and it didn’t work properly. So about a few hours later I put it in rice at around 9pm…I got it out at 8:30 am and put my phone together and now it works fine! make sure you remove the sim card, and battery from the phone. If you have a keyboard that slides out, have it sticking out. Bury your phone in rice and just let it sit there. It freaking works great! I was skeptic about it until my brother told me about it. Saved me $100 for sure from paying a deductible!

  24. Megan

    my mum’s drunk friend deliberately dropped it in a bowl of soapy water for about 4 seconds, I wiped it carefully after taking the sim batery and sd card out, I am insured so I am not worred, its just my memory card, and I have left my phone in the rice for about 12 hours, how long should I wait until I take it out? and I turned it on once? will it still work?

  25. Netanya

    Hi I need help my phone fell in the toilet and I don’t no what to do I tried turning it on and a white screen came on saying words an now what do I do like what do you think I fiend it cuz I also plugged it in and I don’t have insurance I went to c if I could get it fixed ad they said I have to pay 200.00 when I bought it like a week ago does toe rice work with any phones???? Please answer fast this is an emergency!!!!!!! My phone is going to die my phone is like my everything?!?!?? Please answer fast!!

  26. Brittany

    I knew about the rice, but before reading this, I blow dried it. Will my phone be saved?

  27. Brittany

    I put it in rice, but before reading this I towel dried and blow dried it. Will it still work?

  28. Mirta

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  29. Ravinder Cameal Yusuf Masuud-Johal

    hello all, two nights ago, I dropped my phone in the toilet. I turned on the scrren, it was fine. So i wiped it dry. i turned the screen on again, and it was blank. so I left it in the airing cupboard overnight. in the morning then, it was working like new, but 40 mins later, it went blank again, so i chucked it into a box of uncooked rice and its been in there since yesterday 3pm. any advice, or is it even worth trying? thanks :)

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  31. Sean Robinson

    Hey Alienman! This is Sean, and I have an iPhone 4. I dropped my phone in the toilet, tried to turn it on (not knowing what would happen), then all of a sudden, the screen started flickering, then shut off. Then, a couple of minutes later I had put it in rice.
    I was just wondering if my phone would still work. It’s fine if you are not sure though.

  32. Luisa

    I wasn’t thinking so I was using it after I had dropped and then I went to school with it on and when I got home is was off. Its been ten hours and the battery and SIM card is still there but it’s been I. The rice for about 4 hours now will it still work?

  33. Bethany

    Yes it did work yay I love rice

  34. Justine

    So I have dropped my blackberry curve in the tub before and have done the rice trick and it worked amazing. Today I was at the grocery store and got a frantic call from my huband saying he dropped his blackberry torch in the toilet. He tried to blow dry it for 1-2 minutes before phoning me and I told him about the rice. So it has been in rice for over an hour. Any ideas how long I should keep it in the rice? I’m thinking 48 hours to be safe.

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